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Dance, Teamwork, Integrity

We want to welcome you to our community, full of hugs and laughs. We think the joy of dance belongs to everybody, and we work hard to make your dance journey the best possible. We offer you a selection of weekly dance classes, workshops and events and together with our partners we make them very affordable or even free of charge!

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Pay less, dance more! Sign up for a season and get ready to dance every week! Our season registration is the best value for your money

Pop in when you're feeling it

We know your weekly schedules might be changing, but no worries! Buy our 5 or 10 times cards to pop in when it suits you the best

Take part in an event

Come see us in action and feel the vibe in one out our events. Participate a star instructors workshop or come support the dances in our annual shows

We’re on winter break 18-24.2!

Sign up for a free trial class

We want to make sure you like what we do before committing. You can try each class for free once, as long as you have not attended the particular class before. Your email will be added to our mailing list to keep you updated about all the weekly classes and events by us. Enjoy!

We asked our dancers:

“What’s the best thing in Danceteam?”

That I get to be my best possible self
Performing in front of the big audience
Ihmiset ja tunnelma, sekä tanssin ilo joka ei katso ikää eikä taustaa
Att de är snälla och bästa i hela världen!

Check out the beautiful pictures from our last show, “Ocean” on 16.12.2018

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People Talk

We have several wonderful partners who are happy to tell you what they think of us, hear them out!

Partner school representative talking about the cooperation
minnariitta raitio
vice principal, Kulosaari secondary school
Walter Ry representative talking about the cooperation
Maurizio pratesi
Operating officer, Walter Ry
Helsinki city representative talking about our cooperation
Jenna Harainen
FunAction program coordinator, Helsinki city

“Imagine no-one has ever given you anything. No-one believed in you. As a teenager. As an artist. And then you step out in front of 1000 screaming and clapping spectators. You WILL believe. In yourself and the people around you

-Hery Henry


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